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Learn how to play an instrument online for Beginners &
Advanced professionals. 
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Attention to all music friends, students, and tutors. We are an international music academy across the globe. We offer services including online courses, one-to-one classes, and user-friendly books. Our professionals have years of teaching experience internationally with a wide range of instruments. You choose. 

Piano Online Course

This is the first Animated Piano Course for Beginners. We will guide you from day 1 step-by-step.  Piano Lesson have never been so simply explained as here, so anyone can understand and follow. 


Playing the piano has never been so easily explained with the fundamentals as it is here.
Learn Piano the modern way connected with 68 QR-Codes. Interactive learning is the best way to practice.

1:1 Class 

We teach music instruments offline, as well as online. Get in touch with us and receive your free trial class. 

All Our Services

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Piano online course Beginner Level 1

Piano Online Course 

Have you always wanted to learn piano? 
DMA presents the world’s first online piano course with its own teaching materials as support. 
Book - Play Like A Pro Piano Beginner Level 1 (PLAPP1)

Piano Book for Beginners 

Get the book that reveals this THIS EASY-TO-FOLLOW PROCESS LIKE NEVER BEFORE combined with an Online Course (optional). 
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1:1 VIP Online Classes

Our teachers are from all over the world. Are you interested to study with us an instrument? Try it out. 

  • Offline Classes: Either at our studio or at your place. 
  • Online Classes gives  a lot flexibility in time and choice of the teacher. Try it out. 
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What our Students say

Akbota Zhanossova

I have joined Dechant Music Academy in 2015. Lessons with Irina are not only very efficient but also full of fun. I have learned a lot of new compositions; have improved my general knowledge about classical music. Every lesson we practice scales, which has significantly improved my skills.  I believe that Dechant  Music Academy provides with well-structured lessons, positive attitude and professional approach. Thank you!  

Nicholas Spaulding 

“My son, Nicholas was 6 years young when he started piano lessons with Irina. Going into his 3rd year, Nicky continues to gain confidence in playing the piano. Irina keeps a positive, enjoyable atmosphere for teaching. Not only does Irina teach different songs, in addition, she also teaches the important piano theory. And the mini concerts that Irina organizes, is a great way to showcase the students’ talents to family & friends, and let them be a performing Star for the day! Two thumbs up for Teacher Irina and Dechant Music Academy!”


Since we moved to HK, piano lessons with Masa have been one of the most rewarding activities I have decided to embark after playing when I was a little kid. I always had a passion for music and starting again to play piano has been for long time one of my dreams. Masa made it possible in a fun way as it should be for an adult without the pressure of exams but also with the right rigor that an adult should deliver.

Sandy Schmidke

Vielen Dank, Valentina, dass sie unsere Kinder unterrichten. Es macht denen viel Freude, weil Valentina den Lernstoff kindgerecht beibringt und viel Abwechslung in den Unterricht einfließen lässt. Sie sind zwar noch nicht sehr lange dabei, machen aber schon gute Fortschritte. Auch ist es eine sehr große Erleichterung, dass Valentina den Unterricht zu Hause erteilt. So können die Kinder die Musikstücke am eigenen Instrument erlernen. Wir sind sehr froh darüber, dass Valentina seinerzeit zugesagt hat und sich bereit erklärt hat, unsere Kinder als Schüler aufzunehmen. Tausend Dank.

Wayne Leung

2 years ago, I was one of those people who hate classical music and would only want to play pop music. That was until I met Irina. At first, I only wanted to learn to play some pop songs that I liked, but as the lessons went on, I started to discover the beauty of classical music. And I made one of the best decisions in my life, to attempt ABRSM grade 8. To give you a little background, I passed grade 7 eight years ago and had decided I had enough of scales and classical compositions. I quitted. But since I met Irina, who had pointed out my deficiency in technique and lack of a solid foundation, I decided to cross the Rubicon, to attempt grade 8. Thank you DMA. 

Eugene Lu

DMA is a great academy. My boy didn’t like music too much before and he was shy to give a performance. Under Irina's coaching, he enjoys playing piano and gains lots of confidence in performance. Irina is not just my child's piano teacher, but also our friend. My family is always invited to her music party, where we made friends with lots of music experts and little music players as well. It was a cozy community. So here in DMA, you can experience more than just the beauty of music. Virginia, Eugene’s Mom

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Who Are We?

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DMA History

Our history is quite unique and stands out from all others. Watch to get to know how eveythings has started. 
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Who Is the DMA?

 Dechant Music Academy (DMA) is a leading platform for musical education. Unlock your talent with professional lessons for all ages/skills in piano, guitar, violin and more from qualified teachers. Individual and group classes offered for beginners to advanced.
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