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Piano Online Course 


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  • Author: Irina Dechant
  • Level: Beginner
  •  Recommended Study Time
    3-6 months 


A journey into the real piano player.
  • Professional piano course
  • Step by step guidance
  • Animated videos
  • Course with workbook
  • Music theory simply explained
  • Two-handed playing in five-finger 
  • Interactive playing

Take your career and
expertise to a new level!

8 Chapters

Start learning piano professional today with our Beginner Course that guides you step-by-step through fundamentals like positioning, 5-finger playing, note reading, rhythms, and theory.
Learn to play piano freely.

> 250 Videos

The first interactive course with featuring animated videos, exercises, and audio files for an engaging, multimedia experience that makes mastering the piano easier and more enjoyable than ever.


This course comes with an accompanying guidebook that features an easy-to-follow process to help you master the material with unprecedented ease.


Elevate your learning with a  dedicated professional guidance teacher, who will personally assist you through the lessons and review your submitted work, ensuring your steady progress and lasting motivation.


Master the material in this comprehensive course, pass the final exam with a qualifying score, and earn a certificate proving your new skills and knowledge.
Hello everyone.  I'm Irina Dechant, an entrepreneur and internationally-renowned music tutor who has leveraged over 15 years of elite instruction and my worldly upbringing in Germany to create an exclusive piano school. After honing my craft at the prestigious University of Vechta and building a thriving music school in Hong Kong, I saw the global shutdowns as a chance to pour my decades of experience into a comprehensive curriculum.

This 3-year passion project quickly became a family affair, with loved ones helping bring my proven methods for mastering the piano to students everywhere. With unique insights from my international career, I'm thrilled to finally share my innovative approach and empower others on their musical journey.

Course Lessons

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We are a music academy from Hong Kong with teachers and students from around the world. Based on our expertise and knowledge of the past decades, we have developed this online course. Try it Out Now

  • 1:1 classes as off-and online
  • Animated online piano course
  • International learning
  • Professional Guidance
  • Assignments
  • Certificate
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Book series

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Playing the piano has never been so easily explained with the fundamentals as it is here. Get your book that reveals this EASY-TO-FOLLOW PROCESS LIKE NEVER BEFORE combined with an online piano course (optional).                       
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Frequently asked questions

What is the target age group for this piano course?

This piano course is designed for several age groups:
 Children: The recommended starting age is around 6 years old, though 6-year-olds will require adult guidance and supervision to navigate the lessons. Parents or teachers can learn alongside the child, making it a shared bonding experience.
  Teenagers: Teenagers who are comfortable using a computer can independently work through the self-paced, step-by-step lessons at their own speed.
  Adults: The flexible, self-paced format of this course makes it suitable for adults who need a learning schedule that fits their lifestyle.

How long is the recommended duration to complete this piano course? 

The course is designed with over 250 video lessons, including both short and longer sessions. Studies show that knowledge is better retained when learned at a comfortable pace, without time pressure. 

For most students, the recommended duration to complete this comprehensive piano course is 3-6 months. However, accounting for breaks, holidays, and potential interruptions, a 12-month subscription period is suggested to allow ample time for mastering the material. Gifted students may be able to finish the course within a month, but the optimal learning experience is achieved oneself over several months.

What are the key benefits of using this DMA piano course over free online videos?

The key benefits of this DMA piano course compared to free online videos include:
1) Experienced, step-by-step guidance: You'll get professional, structured instruction from the ground up, rather than just copying videos.
2) Clarity and understanding: The course provides clarity on proper technique, music theory fundamentals, fingerings, and other key concepts, giving you true understanding.
3) Organized, sequential learning: All the lessons are structured and accessible on one platform, so you don't have to jump around between different sources.
4) Supplementary learning materials: In addition to the online videos, you'll receive accompanying books to review the concepts covered.
5) Certification: Upon completion of the course and passing an exam, you'll earn a certificate to validate your piano learning achievements.

What are the different enrollment options available for this piano course?

The DMA piano course offers three different enrollment tiers:

  Standard: This self-paced option allows you to learn independently through the online video lessons and materials.

  Premium: With the Premium package, you'll have the guidance and feedback of a real human teacher. The instructor will review your homework assignments and provide personalized support, which can be especially beneficial for children and young adults who thrive with the motivation and encouragement of a dedicated teacher.

   VIP: The VIP tier offers one-on-one online learning with an instructor. This is the most efficient way to learn, but also the most expensive option.
The choice of enrollment tier depends on your learning preferences and needs. The Standard self-paced option provides flexibility, while the Premium and VIP tiers offer the additional benefits of instructor guidance and personalized feedback. Try out the different options to determine which one works best for you.
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