#who is the DMA?

Who are we?

The DMA (short) stands for the Dechant Music Academy. DMA represents more than a school - we are a community united by music. Founded in Hong Kong, our expert instructors go beyond teaching notes and keys. We inspire a love of music that becomes a way of life.
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Head Office:
Hong Kong


Music enriches lives. We nurture students’ passion through personalized lessons, interactive learning, and exciting performance opportunities.

Our goal isn't just skill, but to cultivate passion. Join our family of educators who turn today's students into tomorrow's professional musicians. 

To Play Independently on Professional Level

One of our mission is to provide professional music education that allows students of all ages to master instruments and play the songs they love alone, without their masters attendance.

Close Connection with Tutors

We build close connections between our expert teachers and students to foster growth and confidence.

Interactive Tools

As pioneers in online music learning, we offer innovative solutions like animated courses and books with augmented reality features. These interactive tools engage students and facilitate success at their own pace. 

Confidence and Teamwork Skills

Performance opportunities, competitions, and exposure to concerts inspire students to continue developing their talents. We encourage a supportive, family-like environment where everyone learns from each other. 
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Our Testimonials

What Students say about us?

Music connects people across cultures through a universal language. 

Crisis Sparks Innovation 

Past global crises taught me how quickly stability can disappear. After experiencing such challenges, I swore any new business I built must meet three specific criteria:

1) International reach - Easy to adapt products and services globally in multiple languages.
2) Scalability - Business model designed for rapid growth and expansion.
3) Meaningful impact - Must enrich lives, not just generate money. 

Long time I was looking for such a business model. 

The pandemic was forcing us to switch online. For many, learning music online is tough, especially beginners. It's hard teaching beginners online without tools to support them. We saw a need for clear materials explaining those important first steps.

  Irina Dechant

CEO and Founder of DMA

Top Remote Learning Solutions

It’s no secret that eLearning is taking the world of education by storm.
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Scalable Multilingual

Developing animated courses and books takes time initially. But the payoff is sclable multilingual products that make future localization effortless.
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Our professionally-developed course and book teach step-by-step, so you learn properly rather than just copy.
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Accessible for Anyone

Not everyone can afford 1;1 class. For those who are eager to learn professionally an instrument, this package of course and book, is a great solution. 
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Online Learning 

Teaching online piano lessons to beginners can be very challenging, so our books empower teachers to effectively instruct their students virtually.
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The Sky's the Limit for DMA's Musical Journey

Our immediate focus is completing the online course for launch in English-speaking countries, with plans to rapidly expand. Translating to German follows, spreading our products across German-speaking regions.
On top to launch the app, to make the online course easy to access. 

Seeing our book on shelves in music stores worldwide will mark a major milestone. But we won't stop there. Our goal is translating into every major language, making our teaching globally accessible.
In 5-10 years, the DMA brand will represent a complete quality curriculum. Once growth enables reinvestment, we'll develop new instrumental course and book series - guitar, drums, violin, vocals, and beyond.

United by our  "PLAY LIKE A PRO"  motto, we envision an integrated system for mastering any instrument. The opportunities ahead seem limitless.  

Join us in turning musical dreams into realities. With your support, who knows how many lives we can impact through the universal language of music.
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