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Beginner Level 1 

Play Like a Pro
Beginner Level 1 

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Why Should Every Tutor Teach With this Book?

Hong Kong got a BIG DILEMMA !!
I was surprised to find out how many advanced international students still struggled to read music notes. This showed me the importance of building strong notation reading skills from the beginning, to allow true musical fluency. That is why I developed my piano method book to address this fundamental gap."
Irina Dechant 

Table Of Content

    1.  Introduction
    2.  Product Description
    3.  Who is it suitable for?
    4.  Reviews
    5.  Book Features:
    • 5.1 Preparation for Playing the Piano
    • 5.2 International Notation
    • 5.3 Orientation on the Piano and Learning Note Names in the Five-Finger Space First
    • 5.4 Mascots: Mr. Capito and Beepy
    • 5.5 Basic Music Theory Knowledge
    • 5.6 QR Codes as Assistance
    • 5.7 2- and 4-Handed Pieces with Increasing Difficulty
    • 5.8 Concealed Spiral Binding
    • 5.9 Online Piano Lessons, Finally Available for Beginners
    • 5.10 ONLINE COURSE - No Competition
      6. Book Preview
      7.  Contact

    Book Trailer 

    Teaching/playing the piano HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER. 
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    01. Introduction

    Hello. My name is Irina Dechant and I am 36 years old. To present my books today, I am very delighted. 
    I am an international music tutor and have independently created an exclusive piano school.
    A little about myself: I grew up in germany, Goldenstedt-Lutten, Lower Saxony, and completed my music education at the University of Vechta in 2006.

    In 2012, I moved to Hong Kong and established and expanded my own music school as an independent entrepreneur.
    Due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, I had to start fresh and took this opportunity to put my international experience and knowledge on paper, which took a whole three years.
    It became a family project in which my entire family is involved and supports me along this journey.
    Author and Self-Publisher
    Irina Dechant
    International Music Tutor

    2. Product Description

    • The content book is in DIN A4 format and consists of 102 pages, including a reference section.
    • The book combines a piano school and workbook in one.
    • The book includes 68 QR codes that provide assistance during lessons and for homework. In total they are 31 digital videos and 31 audio files.
    • Exercises for two-handed playing in the five-finger position
    • Interactive playing with both two-handed and four-handed pieces
    • The book features a sturdy hardcover binding and a spiral binding on the inside for easy handling. This design ensures that the pages do not close on their own. Additionally, there is no longer a need for copying the pages.
    • The book is printed in high-quality color, featuring child-friendly illustrations and texts.
    • The book includes two cords in different colors that serve as bookmarks for both teachers and students.
    • As a motivation for successfully completing the first level, the book includes a certificate.
    • The book is available in two languages: English and German.
    • The book is suitable for individual and group lessons, starting from the age of 6 and above.
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    3.  Who is it suitable for?

    For children and teenagers

    For young children as well as beginner teenagers.

    Individual and Group Lessons

    Suitable for individual and group lessons for children aged 6 and above.

    Self-study for adults

    Also suitable for adults (designed for) and suitable for self-study.


    Also suitable for teachers to simplify their lessons with their own students. No more need for extensive lesson preparation. This refers to the process of copying from multiple books to prepare their own teaching materials. It eliminates the need for paper management and saves a significant amount of time.

    5. Book Features 

                             5.  Special Features of the Book              

    5.1 Preparation for Playing the Piano

    In the introduction to piano lessons/piano playing, it is important to cover topics such as:
    • Choosing the right instrument (digital or acoustic)
    • Tuning the instrument
    • Transportation considerations 
    • Fingernail length
    • The use of a metronome
    • Proper posture, hand position, and finger placement
    • The weight of a piano and lots of more

    Additionally, a summarized checklist is included at the end of the book. This checklist can be filled out by the student and submitted to the teacher as needed. It provides the teacher with an overview of the materials and instruments available to the student, ensuring all the necessary conditions are in place for a joyful musical experience.
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    5.2 International Notation

    The book introduces note names in both d'Arezzo and Boethius notations. These notations use the letters C, D, F, E, F, G, and DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL to represent musical notes. Both notations play a significant role in the international music scene, particularly for those aspiring to pursue an international career. They are also commonly used in music theory and solfeggio (choral practice). Therefore, it is highly advantageous to learn both notations simultaneously, as it provides a broader understanding and facilitates proficiency in various musical contexts.

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    5. 3 Orientation on the piano and learning note
            names in the five-finger position first.

    Through playful exercises, the student is initially familiarized with the instrument to develop independent orientation at the piano.

    The focus then shifts to learning the first 5 note names with both hands. Singing and playing simultaneously are helpful techniques to build the student's confidence in both the instrument and themselves. This method significantly facilitates and reinforces future note reading.

    As a result, my students have never had difficulties reading notes, whether in the treble or bass clef.

    5. 4   Mascots: Mr. Capito und Beepy 

    In piano lessons, we are accompanied by our mascots, the "Music Heroes," in a fun and entertaining way.
    Our professor, Mr. Capito, focuses on the left hand, while the bird Beepy takes care of the right hand. These mascots add a great deal of enjoyment to the musical experience and motivate students to engage with the book more frequently. They stimulate the imagination of children and allow for the creation of unique stories on each page.

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    5.5   Fundamentals of Music Theory

    Even the "dullest" theory is conveyed through emotional images and simple texts, making it understandable even for children. Their imagination is stimulated by the "Music Heroes," promoting their own interpretation. The foundational knowledge of music theory includes, among others:


    Through vivid illustrations, the book conveys what an interval is. This knowledge is further reinforced through ear training exercises and visual representations.

    The Notation System
    This section clarifies how the lines and spaces of the staff are formed. It particularly focuses on how notes are written and how they move on the staff lines. Written exercises are provided to reinforce this knowledge.
    Note Durations
     Often, the note durations are described using numbers. However, this can confuse young children at the beginning. We use dots as note values because they are easy to associate and children love them.
    Time Signatures and Beat Exercises
    Practical experience has shown that rhythms are often learned faster than actual note reading. By clapping the beats, children internalize the duration of each note. Once this foundation is understood and independently applied by the child, playing notes becomes much easier.

    5.6  QR codes as Support

    As an additional support, a total of 68 QR codes have been provided. Among them, 31 are for digitally animated videos and 37 are for playable audio files. These QR codes offer excellent assistance, particularly for practicing at home and with homework. They allow students to access additional practice materials and further enhance their skills.

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    5.7      Two- and Four-Handed Pieces with Increasing Difficulty

    The book primarily consists of original compositions that are suitable for both two and, in some cases, four hands. These pieces are introduced in a progressive order, gradually increasing in difficulty, providing students with a continuous challenge. Beginners, in particular, find great joy in playing four-handed pieces. Additionally, accompaniments for these pieces are available and can be accessed through QR codes. This allows students to independently engage in musical practice at home and prepare for their lessons with enthusiasm. It enables them to further develop their musical skills and enhance their abilities.

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    5.8    Covered Spiral-Binding

    The book features a durable protected spiral binding, ensuring a secure hold both on the outside and inside. This type of binding is especially convenient for piano playing. The metal spiral is covered by the book cover to prevent scratching the instrument.
    This design allows the pages to remain open, eliminating the annoyance of pages falling shut. The need for additional note copying for lesson preparation is eliminated, saving time and simplifying organization.

    Finding a suitable printing company that offers this type of high-quality binding took some time, especially in Germany.

    However, the search was successful, and the result is impressive. Working with this colorful original book is a joy. It is easy to flip through, find information, play and listen to, and draw inspiration from.

    5.9  Online piano lessons are now finally
           possible for beginners as well.

    Die Corona-Krise hat deutlich gezeigt, dass es eine große Herausforderung ist, Online-Unterricht anzubieten. Insbesondere für Anfänger war es schwierig, da die grundlegenden Schritte oft schwer zu vermitteln sind. Doch mit dieser Klavierschule wird es dank Illustrationen und Schritt-für-Schritt- Anleitungen endlich möglich, Online-Klavierunterricht auch für Anfänger realistisch umzusetzen. Die visuelle Unterstützung ermöglicht eine effektive Kommunikation und einen erfolgreichen Lernprozess, selbst über das Internet hinweg.
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    5.10    ONLINE COURSE - No Competion for Other Teachers

    The online piano course is simply a teaching tool used by DMA to attract new students who are specifically looking for online piano lessons. DMA does not compete with teachers, and existing contracts between music schools and students remain unaffected. The piano school simply expands the options for lessons and provides versatile applications for teachers. DMA aims to provide teachers with a facilitation in their work, both for in-person and distance teaching. The goal is to create new possibilities and broaden the horizons of piano lessons, for example, in case of relocation.

    6.  Book Preview

    Click on the link or scan the QR code with your mobile phone to preview the book.
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