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The first Animated Online Piano Course

This is the most proven system that gives you easy-to-follow piano instructions,  a great piano course for beginners without any experience, GUARANTEED!
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Dechant Music Academy presents a proven learning system,
so that finally also you can learn to play. Developed by professionals with decades of international teaching experience.

Online Piano Course

What's included?

The secret of becoming a free piano player without having a teacher all the time guiding you. 

Animated Videos - Become A Truly Piano Player 

Have you ever wanted to learn to play piano? A professional course with more than 250 animated videos, which makes it fun to learn. Step by step you will be guided from the beginning till the last class, simply explained. At the end, you play any song at your level independently.

 Professional Guidance (Premium)

Work closely with an experienced, dedicated teacher who will provide detailed feedback on your homework, customize the lesson pacing to match your progress, and offer personalized guidance to help you succeed.

Books - Piano Beginner Level 1 

It’s the first worlds online piano course, which comes together with a workbook. Now your learning becomes efficient. 

Assignments / Certificate

We will check your deliverables and grade your performance. Make it official. Pass the exam at the end and receive your certificate.


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Step-by-step Guidance

You'll get professional, structured instruction from the ground up, rather than just copying videos.

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One Platform

Sequential learning: All the lessons are structured and accessible on one platform, so you don't have to jump around between different sources.

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This course comes with an accompanying guidebook that features an easy-to-follow process to help you master the material with unprecedented ease.

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We will check your deliverables and grade your performance. Make it official. Pass the exam at the end and receive your certificate. 

Book Trailer 

Teaching/playing the piano HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER. 
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Book series

Get Your Ultimate Guide Now

This online piano course is just the beginning. We provide a full suite of integrated learning materials to support your piano journey, including:

 ▶️ E-books in both German and English
 ▶️ Hardcover physical books in both languages
 ▶️ With more formats and languages coming soon!

Whether you prefer digital or print, self-paced or instructor-led, our multi-modal offerings have you covered. All components work seamlessly together for a cohesive, robust learning experience.
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Expand your educational offering. How?

Enhancing your school's curriculum by adding an additional subject presents an excellent opportunity. You have two distinct options to explore.

1) Group Lessons 

Teachers lead classroom sessions using provided video lessons and materials for cohort-based learning.

2) Self-Paced Learning

Individual student accounts for self-guided progress. Option to assign a professional teacher for homework review and guidance.


  • Official Piano Certificate by the DMA

    Hit the Scores and Receive the Official DMA Certificate
      Fundamentals of music theory
    Sheet music reading and note-reading
    Playing in the five-finger position with both hands
    Playing with accompaniment (4-hand songs)
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