Painting in Harmony

Are you ready to develop your art skills on a different way? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

Paint, Brush, and Groove

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The Musical Painting Experience

We bring music closer through painting.

Rhythm & Brushstrokes 
Kids' Classes

Matching colors to music lets our budding artists gain a deeper connection to what they hear. Our instructor covers concepts like rhythm, melody, music theory, and mood. Students then express what they have learned through their color choices on the canvas.

when we play an upbeat song with a fast tempo, children may be inspired to paint with bright, warm hues like yellow and orange. The cheerful music brings out their happy feelings. Slow, minor key songs elicit cooler, darker purple and blue tones. The somber melodies create a thoughtful mood.

By translating the emotions evoked by different musical elements into their painting, our young artists start to better understand musical concepts. They also have fun creating visual representations of what they hear.

  Age: 3 - 7
  Duration: 1 h
  Watercolors mainly (other colors but not acrylic) + crayons +
  Theme: funny pics, flowers, animals, family, fruits
  Minimum class group -  8 people
  Price: 250 HKD pc (per class) 
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Painting to the Beat
Young Adult's Classes

Escape into the world of sound and color with our immersive "Painting to the Beat" class for young adults! This one-of-a-kind workshop takes you on a musical journey to inspire vivid works of art.

This workshop starts with an interactive lessons in music theory, history, and knowledge to provide context. You’ll learn about different genres and their origins. 

Then, grab your headphones and personal paint supplies to let the beat move you. Choose from three diverse musical genres handpicked by our instructor to match your style and interests. Lose yourself as the melodies, rhythms, and emotions flow through your brush onto the canvas.

Finally, unveil your unique artistic interpretations to the group and have them guess your musical muse. See what genres speak to you and make their mark through your distinctive painting techniques and color choices.

Duration: 2 hrs
  Watercolors mainly (other colors but not acrylic) + crayons +
  Theme Themes: flowers, animals, still life, landscape, nature,
      city, cars, portraits, silhouette.
  Minimum class group - 6 people
   Price: 360 HKD pc (per class for 2hrs) 

Song, and Paint 
Adults' Classes

This immersive class will awaken your inner artist and connoisseur.

We'll start by gathering as a group to analyze and discuss a featured song and the century. At the same time we will discuss famous paintings and arts which have been created during that time. We connect music and artist together - examining its melodies, lyrics, musical and painting techniques and more. Our instructor will guide you to appreciate the nuances of all compositions.

Finally, with brushes in hand, we'll let the music, and lively discussion inspire free-flowing painting on canvas. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned painter, this synergistic experience will inspire you for the new found creativity.

  Age: 16+
  Duration: 3 hrs
  Theme: free style (your choice)
  Minimum class group -  6 people
  Price: 670 HKD pc (per class for 3 lessons) 
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Meet Our Instructor Valentina

We are delighted to have Valentina Iu as our talented instructor. 
Valentina is a multidisciplinary professional artist who brings passion and expertise to the classroom as experienced painter from Moscow. 
Since 2020, Valentina is working as full time painting tutor in Hong Kong. 

Working across mediums like painting, drawing, and collage, Valentina's own artwork reflects her creativity and artistic vision. She has exhibited her pieces in galleries and shows across the region.

As a teacher, Valentina believes the artistic process is just as important as the final product. Her supportive, student-centered approach focuses on nurturing each person's unique creative development and style. 
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Valentinas Student's Work

That what our studenst create. 

Painting Classes That Bring Your Vision to Life
- Here's Why

Creative Community

 Meet fellow art enthusiasts and develop lasting connections through a shared love of painting in a judgment-free zone.

Highly Engaging Classes

Expand your creativity through our unique classes combining music  and painting. Unlock inspiration as you gain insight into music theory, and create stunning artworks. 

Charety Participations

Our students have the special opportunity to use their artwork for good by participating in charity art events organized by the DMA. There they can share their talents with the community through donations of original artworks.

Certificate Awards

Our step-by-step teaching approach enables you to see gratifying improvement in your painting abilities and style.

Get Your Official Cetificate by the DMA

Sign up for 6 months and cover the main subjects as

  • Within 6 months you will cover the basics of all painting 
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