PLAPP1 - Standard - 1 month

Master the Piano with Our Transformative Online Course
Unlock your piano potential with our expert-developed course. This engaging program empowers learners of all levels to become confident, accomplished pianists.

Our Subsription at the Standard package provides the full curriculum for self-paced learning. Elevate your playing - enroll today!

The First Animated  Online Piano Course

What's included?

The secret of becoming a truly piano player without having a teacher all the time guiding you. 

Animated Videos

With more than 250 animated videos, which makes it fun to learn.
Step by step you will be guided from the beginning till the last class. 

8 Chapters 

Start learning piano professional today with our Beginner Course that guides you step-by-step through fundamentals like positioning, 5-finger playing, note reading, rhythms, and theory.
Learn to play piano freely.

Flexible Study Hours

Enjoy the flexibility to learn piano at your own pace with our online course. Work through the comprehensive lessons on your schedule, allowing you to progress through the material at a rhythm that suits your lifestyle.

Join our Community

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, get help with your studies. Join our concerts, events, competitions and expand your music connections. 


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Step-by-step Guidance

You'll get professional, structured instruction from the ground up, rather than just copying videos.
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One Platform

Sequential learning: All the lessons are structured and accessible on one platform, so you don't have to jump around between different sources.
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This course comes with an accompanying guidebook that features an easy-to-follow process to help you master the material with unprecedented ease.
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We will check your deliverables and grade your performance. Make it official. Pass the exam at the end and receive your certificate. 

PLAPP1 - Standard - 1 month

The Standard package of the online piano course allows you to learn at your own pace through the comprehensive video lessons and materials.

This self-paced option provides the full course curriculum without instructor support or personalized feedback.

Frequently most asked questions

Do I Need to Buy the Book for the Online Piano Course?

The online piano course is designed to be fully completed using the digital materials alone. All the lessons, explanations, and exercises are provided through the interactive online platform.

 However, we do recommend purchasing the accompanying book if you would like a physical or digital copy of the content. Having the printed materials can be helpful for reviewing the lessons and practicing the exercises outside of the online environment.

 If the subscription expires, access to the online course materials will also expire. The beauty of the book is that you'll have it for a lifetime, inspiring your piano journey for years to come.

Hardcopy Book or Digital Ebook - What's Your Preference?

When it comes to the format for the piano course materials, you have the option of a physical hardcopy book or a digital ebook. Each has its own advantages, so the choice really comes down to your personal learning style and preferences.

  The hardcopy book provides a more hands-on, tactile experience. You can easily write notes in the margins, highlight key points, and interact with the content in a very direct way. This can be especially beneficial for visual and kinesthetic learners. Plus, the high-quality printed version makes for a wonderful gift, particularly for young students.

  On the other hand, the ebook offers the convenience of having all the course content accessible on your computer, tablet or other device. This can be ideal for those who appreciate the flexibility of digital resources and want to be able to quickly reference the material on the go.

Ultimately, you'll want to consider which format will work best for you and your learning needs. Both the hardcopy book and ebook provide the comprehensive materials required to excel in the piano course.
The key difference is that the book is yours to keep forever, unlike the online subscription which expires when the term ends. 

Can I Cancel if I Don't Like the Course?

You can try out our course for free during a trial period. You are not required to put your credentials before the trial. 
Once the trial period ends, you can complete the sign-up process. At that point you can decide whether you can commit further to a subscription monthly based or you buy a package. 

If you don't cancel, the subscription will continue automatically.  If you do cancel during the subscription period, your card won't be charged longer next month. 
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