Eight Intervals: Unison - Octave

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🎹 The 2 Most Important Piano Intervals Every Beginner Should Learn

The Intervals: The Perfect Unison (1st) and The Perfect Octave (8th)

In total, there are 8 unique musical intervals. Today, we'll introduce two of the most fundamental ones - the perfect unison and the perfect octave.

The perfect unison is simply the same note played twice in the same register.

For example, playing C4 twice in a row, or G4 twice. You only hear one tone.

The perfect octave occurs when you play the same note, but one register higher. For example, C4 plus C5, or D4 plus D5. These are examples of perfect octaves.

 🎶 Let's listen to some examples. Can you identify which song starts with a unison? That's right, it's "Jingle Bells." And which song begins with a perfect octave? That would be "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz.

🎹🏆Now it's your turn - follow along with the exercises to practice recognizing and playing perfect unisons and octaves on the piano. This foundational knowledge will serve you well as you continue your musical journey. 

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